Technology platform and reporting

Powered by technology, OTC Stores aims to improve customer experience. Our platform is a fully integrated suit of administrative instruments that optimize operational efficiency.

Technology platform components

  • CRM
  • Reporting portal
  • Webstore
  • Supply chain solution
  • Warehousing system

360-degree analytics

Our technology platform ensures fast and seamless program implementation, enhances management, enables financial and CMS reporting, as well as provides 360-degree analytics

  • Financial transactions
  • Surveys processing
  • Call center metrics
  • Fulfillment metrics
  • Seasonal diseases and needs
  • Risk management
  • Products categorization
  • User shopping behaviour
  • Shopping cart structure

Control over business processes

We bring together everything required to create integrated, intuitive, and transparent processes and services for both a Health Plan and its members.

Fastest-improving platform

We constantly monitor the market and gather feedback to deliver the features that meet evolving business requirements.

High availability and security

Our systems operate with 99,9% uptime, as well as are scalable and compliant with industry security standards.

Analytics-driven optimization

We deliver improvements based on 360-degree analysis of user feedback, industry trends, market demands.

Reporting and billing

A health plan is billed on a weekly or biweekly basis for the items the members order.

Partnering with OTC Stores, a health plan is given 24/7 access to our 360-degree reporting portal, where you are able to track various metrics, including, but not limited to:

  • Utilization and retention reports
  • Transactions analytics
  • Reports on most popular items
  • Users metrics
  • Returns reports
  • Grievances and appeals reports

Supply chain and warehouse management system

Supply chain management

Our proprietary supply chain solution allows for continuous analysis of demand and stock control:

  • Insure high availability of products and minimize out of stock
  • Forecast product demand
  • Keep inventory at economically effective level
  • Manage interactions with suppliers
  • Analyze sales and inventory

Warehouse management

Entirely interconnected systems allow us to get the best performance, accuracy, and visibility possible.

  • A six-level quality control of order fulfillment
  • Maintaining high inventory availability
  • Orders are packed same day
  • Convenient returns for members
  • On-demand custom labeling and/or special packaging
  • On-demand special packaging
  • Risk management with disaster inventory
  • Same-day delivery of the critical items *

* Warehouses in close proximity to the customer base under an agreement with a health plan

Customer relationship management system (CRM) and e-commerce platform

The analytical approach helps us to deliver care to members.
We get 98% customer satisfaction rate, as we regularly improve our service

User shopping behaviour analysis

We regularly perform an in-depth analysis of user behavior separately for those who shop online and on the phone, extracting insight on each customer's needs.

  • Expenditure patterns
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Behavior anomaly detection
  • Product bundles preferences
  • Seasonal needs of membership
  • Seasonal needs of membership

Surveys analysis

Based on the members' feedback and call center communication with members, we adjust our services to exceed their expectations and strengthen their loyalty.

  • Seasonal needs of membership
  • New product bundles development
  • Adding new products to the catalog
  • Service level improvement
  • New features planning and delivery

Service-level standards

We constantly monitor the agreed-upon expected compliance and reliability of our services. Thus, we ensure high standards of the business delivered both to a health plan and its membership.

  • Logging members appeals with tracking time-to-resolvepatterns
  • Compliance control of the calls
  • CMS requirements control for call handling

Fulfillment standards and quality control

We proactively monitor the agreed-upon fulfillment and delivery standards, ensuring the members are able to track the delivery status and receive their orders on time.

  • Orders are shipped the same or next business day
  • Order delivery tracking
  • Quality control upon receipt

Make informed decisions based on the 360-degree analytics and actionable reports