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  • Reduce overall costs by preventative care
  • Retain your membership
  • Attract new members
  • Grow loyalty
Craft your program

How to understand that your OTC benefit program does really work?

It will reduce overall costs by preventative and timely treatment, while growing loyalty of your membership.

Your current OTC benefit program doesn’t work effectively if you still can’t meet these goals.

We know how to integrate an OTC program into a health plan to turn it into a strong competitive advantage.

We deliver care.

We deliver care to both the health plan and its population.

Get benefit programs that help

Deliver the service members see as a game changer. OTC Stores takes care of everything: from analytics-driven advisory to further fulfillment and reporting, feedback processing and offer refinement.

Plan enrollment and outreach
Educate members in self-care
Timely treat diseases
Minimize urgent care visits
Grow and Retain membership
Reduce administrative costs


Key out-of-the-box features at no setup and admin fees

For health plans

  • Advisory on supplemental benefits

    • Compliant product lists aligned with clinical conditions of your membership
    • Members enrollment and education planning
    • Supplemental benefits advisory and development
  • Branding opportunities

    We always work as an extension of your inhouse team. We offer branding and customization in accordance with your guidelines: from a catalog to an e-commerce solution.

  • Supply chain execution

    • Procurement and warehousing
    • Orders fulfillment
    • Orders and catalogs delivery
  • Compliance and security

    Protecting personal information of your Medicare OTC Benefit members is at the heart of everything we do. We ensure CMS, FDR and HIPAA compliance

  • Reporting

    24/7 access to any reports you may need: from financial to CMS. OTC Stores can add any report upon the health plan's request for additional analytics, easy program change management and more.

For members

  • Member engagement and education

    Not only we promote preventive care but educate members on self-care as our goal is to keep them healthy.

  • Great product selection with no OOS

    OTC Stores constantly adjusts the products selection to meet members’ needs, and guarantees availability of the products.

  • Printed catalogs with language selection

    The catalogs are designed with the specifics of the targeted audience in mind—seniors making orders by phone. The health plan defines the languages the catalog should be available in.

  • Multiple shopping options

    • Online—ensuring user friendly experience specifically for seniors
    • A call center—with a focus on care and loyalty to seniors
    • A prepaid OTC card that can be used in the partnering network of choice
  • Fast and free delivery

    Members get the products right on time when they need it - 2–3 business day to-the-door delivery service

  • Dedicated customer service

    • Full-cycle support and product consulting
    • Members interaction and benefits tracking
    • Appeals and grievances processing
    • Regular surveys by a customer excellence team and continuous adjustments to the members' feedback

Launching an OTC benefit has never been easier

OTC Stores makes it
simple and effective for health plans

Starting with advisory we craft OTC benefit programs, educate the plan's population on preventative care, fulfill the benefit, and report on the results achieved.

OTC Stores service formula

We believe that timely and seamless access to proper over-the-counter drugs accompanied by exceptional care сuts costs for a health plan and grows member loyalty.

Value for members

Personal care that members get right on time when they need it, as OTC Stores offers a 2–3 business day to-the-door delivery service.

Benefit for health plans

Timely care represents prevention care at the early stages of the disease to avoid expensive treatment.

Value for members

A product list is tailored to the members' particular needs, special conditions, and preferences.

Benefit for health plans

Members' balances are spent effectively with preventative treatment in mind. Excessive expenses tend to zero.

Value for members

A unique customer experience giving a heart-warming feeling of being in a caring family.

Benefit for health plans

Growing membership loyalty and retention: satisfy the needs of your current clientele, while winning new members over with one-of-a-kind service.

Value for members

Members are able to improve self-care by having access to a treatment option they already trust to address a medical condition. With a remote service and free to-the-door delivery.

Benefit for health plans

Accessible care advocates for full and equal access to health care services and facilities for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. OTC Stores platform is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to safeguard this basic human right.

Service inspiring members to become the health plan ambassadors

Great for the disabled

I think it is a great program, whereas one doesn't have to go out & shop for these products. Especially those who are disabled. Thank you so much for this.

Sherry L Martin

I am very impressed with this service

Great service! Extremely fast delivery! I am very impressed with this service. The quality of the items is the best! Numerous choices! Truthfully, the OTC store is the reason I stay with my insurance company!

Suzanne Miller

I feel I've been treated very well

I feel as though I've been treated very well during my ordering process, everything went very smoothly. Thank You for this program.

Marsha Zuber Stevenson

Professional yet friendly

Everyone I've dealt with there is professional yet friendly. And really take the time to listen and come to a mutually beneficial outcome.

Elizabeth Elias

Awesome experience

Extremely convenient great quality awesome experience very easy to maneuver on the OTC site very satisfied with the service

Valerie Smith

Thank you for making life a little easier

I am very happy with the program! My deliveries were prompt and in good shape. I will continue to order from here. Thank you for making life a little easier.

Kevin D Massie

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