OTC product offering

We work closely with health plans to craft a CMS-compliant product catalog. Throughout the year, we continuously adjust the product formulary based on members' needs and feedback.

More than 1000 branded and generic products

Our OTC product list consists of 1,000+ branded and generic products across 40+ categories, including personal protective equipment and preventive care products, approved by CMS.

A partnership with OTC Stores enables a health plan to handpick the products that members can use their benefit for or make an informed decision based on our expert advisory powered by analytics.

Printed product catalog

The printed catalog design is built with the specifics of the targeted audience in mind—seniors making orders by phone, and branded under the health plan guidelines.

The plan defines the languages the catalog should be available in. OTC Stores may print and distribute the catalogs to the members under a separate agreement with the health plan.

How does OTC Stores craft product listings?


  • Member population health condition analysis
  • Competitor proposition and sales statistics analysis
  • A regular analysis of members feedback based on data from surveys and call center communication with members to reveal and determine all emerging needs of the members

Compliance verification

Verification of item compliance with the OTC products list through major databases (the FDA database, the OTC Drug Database, etc).

Approval from a health plan

  • Notifying the health plan about a new product and getting approval to add it to the catalog
  • Adding the new product to the catalog

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