Comprehensive & Integrated OTC Technology

We offer OTC benefits administration services that make it easy for your health plan to provide a hassle-free supplemental benefit program. Our program allows for health plans to simply provide us with the eligibility file and our full support staff manages the rest.

Purpose-Built Benefit Administration

Provide your members with a coveted over-the-counter benefit without placing an administrative burden on your own staff and resources.

Built specifically to manage the supplemental benefits program, our end-to-end technology solution allows for integration, benefit management and compliance assurance.

NEW Technology

  • Fully integrated and responsive, our technology for the OTC ordering website leverages all benefit information, balance details, order processing and tracking
  • Increased level of accessibility for increased member engagement and an optimal mobile experience 
  • HIPAA compliant and secure with unique member log-ins and encrypted data

Flexible OTC Solutions

  • Benefit structure and product selection configurable by plan
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Eligibility data exchange in your preferred format

OTC Technology Features

Our technology is specifically built to manage OTC benefits programs. As a result, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access the features and functionality that can empower you to optimally manage your OTC benefits program.

Do you want to discover exactly how OTC Stores LLC can comprehensively support your needs?

NEW Technology

  • Website Integration
  • Eligibility File Processing
  • Complete Shipping Integration
  • Catalog & Mailing Integration / Reconciliation
  • IVR / Dialer Integration

Benefit Management

  • Benefit Tracking for Multiple Plans & Varying Eligibility Criteria
  • Periodic Benefit & Reward-Based Benefit Models
  • Product Formulary Configurable Per Plan
  • Alignment with Clinical & Chronic Condition Management Programs

Compliance Assurance

  • Screen Pop-Up Alerts
  • Compliant & Consistent Scripting for CSRs
  • Role-Based Security Measures
  • Secure FTP File Transfer
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting

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