OTC Program Overview

Our OTC Benefits Services: Exactly What Your Health Plan Needs

Health plan members are becoming more proactive in their own care. When members are faced with making complex decisions, they want to have their questions quickly answered and resolved by a real person.

Fortunately, at OTC Stores LLC, we offer an OTC benefits program that members love. Our goal is to exceed your members' expectations while tailoring your OTC benefits program to fit nicely with your plan benefits.

The Customer Service that Your Members Want . . . and Deserve

Our concierge approach encourages member retention, with an OTC program that offers:


Members always speak with a highly trained person


Members place orders through a dedicated members service contact center, using an easy-to-read catalog


OTC benefits and products are confirmed, eliminating the guesswork often associated with how much credit members have or what is covered.


Members order with the assurance that they can avoid embarrassment due to a declined OTC benefit card at the store as experienced with other OTC programs.


OTC products are delivered directly to the member's home, eliminating the need to coordinate travel or carry bulky items.